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MBA Clients - Success Stories

MBA clients have listened and acted upon our advice and in doing so have allowed us to assist them in improving their financial position, their lifestyle and achieve their goals.

We respect and value our client's privacy and have not specifically identified each client. Please note that these results are specific to the client and their specific situation. Every individual and business is different, so results and outcomes will vary.

Business Planning

The task: A manufacturer required assistance in clarifying its options for future expansion and development.
What we did: We provided the framework and assistance to formulate a five year strategic business plan, for which most of the cost was funded by a government grant.
Result: The plan has steered management focus into more profitable activities.

Company Sale

The task: To sell discreetly a manufacturer of metal based office products.
What we did: We conducted research into likely (public and private) corporate and individual prospects who had capacity to purchase and who could benefit from the acquisition. We prepared an information memorandum.
Result: A purchaser was found and, after tough and lengthy negotiations, a deal was concluded.

Market Research

The task: A construction company was considering diversification into the manufacturing of related products.
What we did: We undertook market research in those areas where the client had limited knowledge, such as substitute products, competition, market size, major buyers in that market and their buying patterns.
Result: The company deferred the diversification until we developed a strategic plan for the additional risks identified by the market research

Corporate Finance

The task: To refinance debt and re-structure the equity holdings of a large service provider.
What we did: We prepared an information memorandum and approached lenders and conducted complex negotiations regarding the funding of the equity.
Result: The company was refinanced on more favourable terms

Financial Management

The task: A building company was uncertain about its financial performance and was having difficulty in predicting cash flow.
What we did: We evaluated their existing systems and then developed an integrated profit and cash flow model that took account of all the group's activities.
Result: The building company now has a tool with which to analyse their present position and devise strategies accordingly.

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